Reviews for "Clear Vision"


Yeah its good Wish it was longer thou it needs more things idk wut but it needs more anyways tell me when Part II comes out =D

Awsom man can't stand not haveing #2

I think that that game was great i felt like a real sniper guy! PLEASE hurry and make the 2nd one man we r all counting on this!

Good Game

I liked it, a bit short and i thout the things at home were quite boring, so give more options for home and make some more missions, other than that it was an mazzing game!

cant wait for the sequal!

the voice acting s alittle hard to hear but its a great game

Almost Perfect

The game play is very fun, although it isn't as fast-paced or fluid (animations are a bit clunky) as Urban Sniper. Also the voice acting wasn't very great (the sound quality sucked) and the story line was hard to follow. HOWEVER, this is still one of the best sniper games out there. If it wasn't for the fact that it's much too short, I would've given it a 10/10.