Reviews for "Clear Vision"


I love the sniping games on Newground, and this is above all one my favorite. The story behind it actually means something. You put alot of thought and effort into this game and I can tell it proved worth it, freaking amazing job!!

5/5 10/10

one of the best sniper games on newgrounds. keep it up.


That was awesome


the game was gay at first it was so cool then it gets gay and it is to short if the game was longer it would be better i dont want to wait for another game SUCKS.

Daani responds:

Thanks for taking your time to write a completely useless review.
Seriously, try get your thoughts out with some concrete criticism and try not to use the word "gay" when you're writing, it's really gay.


I Like the whole game! buh ma favorite part is at dhe last part