Reviews for "Clear Vision"

That was awesome

Every thing in thing game was awesome,
I loved the fact that you went home and watched the news about your shot,

Overall really just a great game.

great game

bet sniper game ever still need to be much longer tho :)


Great! I loved the newspaper and the TV! This is, by far, the best Flash sniper game ever!


i liked it im a gamer and i played over 10 sniper game sand this one is the best but i need to know when the next one comes out!

Daani responds:

The next one (Clear Vision II) is already out. Here on Newgrounds as well.

The 3rd of July, tomorrow at addictinggames.com the third one comes out!

Take Care,


like other people have said. the storyline was good but i think it was way too short because i have others game like this ones and they actually have several mission not just one. overall it is ok though

Daani responds:

not just one mission? Where did you learn to count?

Thanks anyway, I guess