Reviews for "Clear Vision"

Ahh, memories.
Although easy, still really fun.
I'm going to play the second one now!

Daani responds:

I'm very glad the game still gives you joy! :)

played the game million times already in millions of websites! still, it never gets old!

Great game. It's a short one but I think it is right this way fir this type of game when you want to play a shooting with the quickness

This is really a game that requires patience. It's realistic that way, and at the same time it should be when the characters all stick figures, but it does feel like I'm on spot, a deadly sniper. Though the characters and backgrounds aren't very detailed, the shots/blood/etc are, and the motions are all fluent. The missions are detailed as well, and overall it feels like a complex game despite the simplicity of play. Nice work!


I've loved this game for many years now. xD