Reviews for "Clear Vision"

Good Game

Great game, and all. I could only find one problem, and that is the grammar was pretty bad in the newspaper.

Daani responds:

Well I'm not born in a english-speaking country and I haven't read any newspapers in english so I don't really know how they form their sentences in english newspapers and such.

Thanks anyway for the review!


loved it, great game

Daani responds:

Thanks m8!


I love it can't w8 for the sequel MAKE IT LONGER and i noticet that in the last levels there were no newspaper and no tv anymore I didn't like that fact. It looked like u were rushing to finish the game. also make the animation smoother like the facial expressions of the sniper they just like pop-up with no animation. anyways gr8 game keep-up like that

Awesome game =D

But well.......I just hope ull add a "skip" option somewhere in the cutscenes.....and of course...make the game a lil bit harder =/........But a really nice game tho, with good potential....

Well Done

Its been done before, but yours wasn't too bad. Definitely need to get rid of the sticks.

Not bad overall.

Daani responds:

As you can see, there are a lot of sticklovers out there that enjoyed the game.

Some like sticks, some don't.