Reviews for "Clear Vision"


I loved it! If it was a little bit longer and more challenging it would be amazing. Great work. Can't wait for the next one.

Daani responds:

The next one will be more challenging yes. But who doesn't enjoy making those clean headshots in peace?:D

Thanks for your review!


This game was meant to be fun, not to be perfect in all ways possible just enjoy the game, i am looking forward to another one. One of the funnest games i have played so far, I just wish it was longer though.

Good game.

Even with the insanley, uneeded long intro and even with the sticks this submission isnt a bad submission. The graphics are all well done, and everything just look flawless even if all you do is click in the game. Maybe adding some sort of minigame or games would add to the overall score. Anyway the gameplay was fun and everything was done well. Good job.

meh nothing wrong with the game

but why would a sharpshot wear shades? and u do know that a marksman always travels in a group of two right...one spots the marksman....
just some ideas

but no stars

cuz all u did was just click

Daani responds:

hrmm..If you would choose between a completely black round head without any eyes and a characteristic shade to make your character mor alive, what would you choose?

Good Game

Great game, and all. I could only find one problem, and that is the grammar was pretty bad in the newspaper.

Daani responds:

Well I'm not born in a english-speaking country and I haven't read any newspapers in english so I don't really know how they form their sentences in english newspapers and such.

Thanks anyway for the review!