Reviews for "Clear Vision"


This game was awesome, I had great fun with it. I hope you keep making games like this, and regardless even if they aren't like this, judging from how good this game was, all of your games would be cool. Keep up the good work.

Daani responds:

Thanks m8! I have allready started with the second one (Clear Vision II) and it's going to be great!


That was actually the best game i have ever played haha can not wait untill the next one is out

Daani responds:

Thank you! I would be very happy if you would recomend this game to the collection "Shooting games".

That would help me a lot m8!

nice game

nice game, but i had a bug, after failling the second test it returns to the action scene and i couldnt do anything else
a skip button would be sweet

Daani responds:

hmmm...that's odd. I have tested the game myself many times to look after that bug but I haven't found it..

Thanks for your review! I appreciate things that might improve the game!


and maybe you should think about a skip button, if you had one sorry i didnt see it :)

Daani responds:

Yeah I was thinking of that, but if you'd just skip the intro I thought you would be missing an important introduction to the story.

But I'll make sure to make a skip button to the next one for sure!

You could add....

......the Oblivion music to anything,...and I would appreciate it. That haunting melody plays in my head every day. Just so happens that your flash is very good too.

Daani responds:

A good thought, but calm oblivion music everywhere wouldn't work cuz we need some hot action music too^^