Reviews for "Clear Vision"


this assination game take the 1st prize

Daani responds:

Thanks for those words!


such a god damn tease!!!

OMFG mannn i love the assination games and this one takes it all i love the fact u gotta watch the TV and read the newspaper.....i also like the story line to it....i hate being left in suspense but i guess i will wait for part two....i hope to see more than just a second sequal....like moving on to taking out iraqi generals and russian mobsters....keep up the work i will be waiting for part two

very well

i liked it alot! need to make another with more opitions


Great game. It's really short though. I hope the sequel will be longer. The music is really good but the story line isn't very original and is kind of cheesey. I just would have not bothered with a story. Anyway, it's good game and I can't wait for the sequel.


great game please continue with the series!!!!!!!!!!!