Reviews for "Hungry are the Dead"


Very good Zombie game. I can understand your desire to try and make it more "Real", though it's curious to say you want to give the player the "barest" of weapons when they're able to purchase military grenades and mines, maybe placing a little context there could help. The unlimited ammo is understandable, though perhaps you could have a kind of ammo cost per night, increasing gradually, though the ammo can still be unlimited. Another little thing is some bug I encountered (Not sure when, it would be nice to have a level counter.) I had exited the purchase screen and it was pretty far into the game, but no zombies appeared, forcing me to quit :(. One other little point, when a player loses a line of defense it would make more sense for them to just have to re-buy it, rather than hit the cheaper repair button. You get so much cash late into the game if you're a decent player, it would be good to have to make use of some of it :).


Im a huge fan of zombie games....good zombies games and i really liked this one. It did remind me of All Hallows eve though. I would like to c a sequel.

TheMillz responds:

I love All Hallow's Eve. That's where I got the ideas for the baricades. The thing I didn't like about that game was the zombie voices got a little old...

Freakin' awesome.

My stats:

Nights: 16
Accuracy: 158% (Because of off-clicking on the reload pile many many times)
Kills: 1203
Rank: Undead Scourge!


Ok, I got almost 3000 kills. 2992 to be exact :). I'ce played this game twice as well. :P
Nice game. need more guns and stuff to spend my dough on. I had $4500 in the end :P
221% accuracy, 23 nights,2992 kills :P


After I hit 3000 kills I exited the game I didn't realize there was some sort of ranking thing. Good game all together, sort of a time killer really. My only suggestion is smooth things out a little. The graphics are knd of rough and the main charcter looks some what retarded when you reload.