Reviews for "That's My Fulp 14"


I love the Thats My Fulp Series. Highlight of my day,thanks!

MaddFlash2 responds:

I love your review. Highlight of my day, thanks!


It's great to see how much you've improved over the course of this series, it's gone basically from crap that wasn't interesting to full length movies that have a plot and humor to them. You could improve by making your own backgrounds, just importing pics is kind of cheating.

MaddFlash2 responds:

Leaving reviews is kinda cheating. LOL Thanks for the reviews.

wow all did is cheat

i can't belive a taco came to him in the middle of a dessert


I love this series! It's awsome!
Finally we can see what the life of the fulp brothers is really like. This ep is my favorite so far, it had everything from planes to tacos.


That taco bit is exacly like the Part on harold and kumar