Reviews for "That's My Fulp 14"

This serie...

...is quite fun, but man, you really really gotta work on your timing. It's way too slow, and... out of sync with what happens, simply. The ideas are all there, but you gotta get em focused and sit tighter.

MaddFlash2 responds:

hmm I will have to try and understand what you are saying, but thanks for the review.


I love the Thats My Fulp Series. Highlight of my day,thanks!

MaddFlash2 responds:

I love your review. Highlight of my day, thanks!

I liked it

I thought the movie was simple but cool. The music fit the mood perfectly. The animation was simple but effective. about a 6.5 on the funny scale. i didn't care for the voice acting very much, but overall it was pretty good.

MaddFlash2 responds:

I would hate you for not giving it a 10, but you are honest and still gave it a decent score. So, thanks for the review.


LMAO, this was really funny and pur awsomeness!
I liked the artwork,i thought the voices went well with each character (lol wade)
I liked it and i loved the pre-loader
Great job man keep up the good work and good luck with this flash

MaddFlash2 responds:

Glad you liked the preloader.



i really enjoyed this. Good job