Reviews for "Zombies of the world"

Thats a good game!

I liked it, but that would be cool if you had zombie's song.

this was ok, it managed to kill 10 minuites

Good.. but

you should have tested it first... then you would have noticed that you can't die. Of course i only played world mode... so that may have been intentional. Pretty good though... certainly better than anything I've ever done.

eh not bad

This game was ok but had some problems.First it was way too easy considdering that you got more ammo every lvl, also there were only two types of zombies!The music(or sound) was just odd and the page was too small, fix these things and this could be a pretty good game.

also i went off the page one time and never came back, i could hear my guy fireing but i couldent see him and the zombies couldent get him...please fix this bug.

It's a little buggy...

.....but it doesn't deserve some of the reviews iv'e read. A very sound and well crafted flash. Good luck/