Reviews for "Zombies of the world"

sorry man this game is very boring

Im sorry but this game is justa clone of many others, there is no idea at all, im a fan of senseless violence games, but then there has to be some unique elements, this doesn't have one.
Suggestions: Add some platforms for the player and Zombies to jump onto.
Let the player set "traps" where they have use their brain as well as aiming good.
Make it a challenge to shoot the zombies, its far too easy, no challenge = no gameplay.
Hope the advice helps !


Nothing works.

a little short, but like mental mode

i wuz playin mental mode, and kept running till i wuz off the screen. i couldn't get back on to the screen, so i guess it was a bug.

Thats a good game!

I liked it, but that would be cool if you had zombie's song.

i dind

it was reasonable but there is a bug that i walked at the end of the screen and i couldent move