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Reviews for "Disney Land! pt. 1"


its good for a start.

SplatterClock responds:

Why thank you :3

random as :)

cant wait for part 2 lololol

SplatterClock responds:

:) Thanks for the review.


a non spam submittion from a clock is always appriciated, and this wasn't actually too bad, ill watch pt 2 for sure, keep at it

SplatterClock responds:

Thanks, man. I appreciate the review.


It deserved every last bit of my 5 and 10
Awesome work splatter can't wait to see part 2
Just add some more voice
And it needs a little more cowbell

SplatterClock responds:

Thanks, buddy ;D

looks REALY funny

only thing u need to add is u should have tham talking
but anyways that looks like its going to be funny 5/5

SplatterClock responds:

I was trying a new style without speech :D
Thanks for the 10!