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Reviews for "Disney Land! pt. 1"

Really good.

It was good. I usually don't watch clock crew, but it was still good.
Sorry your house burnt down, I blame the Kitty Krew.

SplatterClock responds:

Thanks man, I really like any support I can get.
I hope everything turns out all right.

It sucks your house burnt down. On to the review!

The clock just gets tickets to go to disneyland, it had no Dialogue but you can understand what's going on fine. The sound effects were cool too.

Also, the end was very weird...

SplatterClock responds:

Well, I wanted to make it longer but I'm pretty sure I made the right decision (my house burning down shortly after) to release it earlier. Thanks for the 8 :D


No Dialogue, the damn clock just gets tickets to go to disneyland...and thinks somehow makes front page..either someone is gettin some putty tang or your your advertisement skills are unmatched

SplatterClock responds:

What the fuck?

It was ok....

I'm sorry your house burned down though.... :-(

SplatterClock responds:

:( Thanks anyway.

Splatter, my buddy.

I can't believe this made front page, dude you fucking rule.
Best flash artist ever.

SplatterClock responds:

<3 <3 <3 <3