Reviews for "Disney Land! pt. 1"

im disspointed

u stoppd at the good part!
meany head!


lol..i have no clue what i just watched :p
but for some reason i was amused all the way through ^^
Gotta keep my eyes peeled for part.2
More SweClock for everyone!!!!1one

SplatterClock responds:

:D :D :D

Hm... One question...

Er... wait a minute... Swe clock? A swedish clock? Kewl... but Disneyland together with Sweclock... seriously... Disneyland is in France... Sweden is about two contries from France straight north... Yes... I´m swedish... :p I still thinks it´s weird to have a Swe clock in your crew... Hoping for some violence in Disneyland anyways..XD

SplatterClock responds:

There'll be a whole ton of violence, believe me :D


Man that sucks about your hizouse, this movie is fresh though, really feeling the whole thing, lol i like when they're riding the bus.

lol PE-YO-TEES, ahah thanks for the righteous cameo brotha, hope things work out well for you so we can get a part 2 :D

SplatterClock responds:

Thanks, I hope things work out, too :P
Your .fla was so super sexy I just HAD to put you somewhere.


ah another great CC submission, and to inconsiderate users, this got on the front page because wether you like it or not the CC are famous and this is actually a good movie, ( im not for or against and groups whatsoever.... other than the kk...i hate them...)

SplatterClock responds:

Thanks, I really appreciate all these awesome reviews I'm getting.