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Reviews for "Disney Land! pt. 1"


I wanna see the next part!!!
very amusing and addictive, keep up the good work

im disspointed

u stoppd at the good part!
meany head!


lol..i have no clue what i just watched :p
but for some reason i was amused all the way through ^^
Gotta keep my eyes peeled for part.2
More SweClock for everyone!!!!1one

SplatterClock responds:

:D :D :D

Hm... One question...

Er... wait a minute... Swe clock? A swedish clock? Kewl... but Disneyland together with Sweclock... seriously... Disneyland is in France... Sweden is about two contries from France straight north... Yes... I´m swedish... :p I still thinks it´s weird to have a Swe clock in your crew... Hoping for some violence in Disneyland anyways..XD

SplatterClock responds:

There'll be a whole ton of violence, believe me :D


Man that sucks about your hizouse, this movie is fresh though, really feeling the whole thing, lol i like when they're riding the bus.

lol PE-YO-TEES, ahah thanks for the righteous cameo brotha, hope things work out well for you so we can get a part 2 :D

SplatterClock responds:

Thanks, I hope things work out, too :P
Your .fla was so super sexy I just HAD to put you somewhere.