Reviews for "++_I Forgive You_++"

So much feeling and love put into this

Some of the best songs and raps come right from the heart and with a heart as big as yours it only makes it even better. I'm glad to know some of the REAL musicians on NG are making their way to the top :)

MYDBoi responds:

The heart is where it's at man =) thank you bro. It's people like you that give me hope to continue on with music. I'm glad I can reach out to people.

4.23 / 5.00 (+ 0.012)

God man, you're amazing on the mic. Great lyrics. The emotion is overwhelming. This track is gold man. Fucking awesome work.

MYDBoi responds:

Thanks dewd! I appreciate it man, I really do. This is still a demo version, but thanks =D the final one will sound a lot better.

For real...

This is insane...
I can't even handle the emotion in this track. It's pretty deep.
Inspiring flow, perfectly on point. You always dope on the mic dude.
I look forward to your tracks.
Keep it real, or we'll all get lost in the unreal.


MYDBoi responds:

Thank you man =) I put my all in this, or tried to at least. I was sick when I recorded this. I will update it later, re-record etc. Thank you very much =)

Talented, Smart, And just perfect.

Your lyrics...are some of the best on NG. You got some REAL talent. This song really has me hooked on your songs. PLEAAASEEE keep this up!

I like how you put your feelings in your songs...SO, FREAKING, PERFECTLY!
Your message is so inspiring. No matter whos hating out there, i want to make it CLEAR that you are amazing.

Almost got me to tears :')

Top notch story telling bro,

MYDBoi responds:

Wow, I'm flattered =)
Thank you for such kind words. I try my best. Believe it or not I was sick when I recorded this lol. My voice was off a bit. I lost my voice for about 2 weeks, and after i got just a little bit of it back, I decided to record it. =)

I definitely like emotional tracks, I like to try to touch the hearts of many, and try to relate to everyone. Give them hope as well =).
Expression and feeling is everything. That's what music/art is all about.

Once again, thank you =). Stay Tuned, this is only the demo version =).


im not a big fan of rap...

but this,at least,follows the rythm.
it always follows the subject,emotive.
lots of rhymes.
great background beat.
this...is a rapart lol.(dunno what i just said)

MYDBoi responds:

lol thank you. This is just a Work In Progress. My vocals were horrible. I'm trying to get into a studio. Thank you for the review. I tried to put my all into this. At least i did on writing. Thank you =)