Reviews for "++_I Forgive You_++"

You, sir...

...Have my respect.

MYDBoi responds:

Thank you =) That means a lot to me =) Glad you liked it =D
thanks for the time to listen and review

Very nice!

I don't normally listen to this type of music ( I'm more of a trance head ) but this struck a cord with me, it seems so real, raw and emotional. I guess it comes to show that some songs can just transcend normal boundaries of what someone would listen to and get EVERYONE feeling for it. Probably because it came from the heart, which this song clearly does.

For that, I compliment you. The world needs more songs like this!

MYDBoi responds:

Wow, im flattered man =)
Not everyday you hear that. Well i don't at least. People automatically think BAD when they hear RAP
thank you for taking the time to listen and read =)
im a man of all genres.. i try to stay open minded
and it IS my intention to relate to everyone. to open to everyone. Mewzik is life =) Life is the Mewzik We Breathe
I'll do my best to put out more like this, thanks =)


Simply amazing, nuf said!

MYDBoi responds:

lol thanks dewd =D appreciate it


*wipes eyes* This is beautiful I'm..... with out words

MYDBoi responds:

=) *pats ur back* thanks =D
quality was bad, my voice was iffy that day i recorded it.. i was sick
but i'll be redoing the song again soon.
I'm glad you liked it =)

Once again

You have filled me with emotions mate. I can't get enough of this, I can relate. Though it's the opposite for me, but I still love it. I'm slow, but I finally get what you mean by your name and slogan.

"OxyJin" - "The Mewzik You Breathe"

This is the music of my life mate, I breathe it, I live it.
I still like your "Mother In Tears" But this one is really good too. Thank you mate.

5 of 5 / 10 of 10 and favorited.

MYDBoi responds:

lol @ mate.. nice
thanks dewd.. once again, thank you for the review and uplifting words bro.
Yeah my slogan lol.. x-zactly my intention, glad someone caught on =D
yeah of all my songs my moms song was and is my favorite still