Reviews for "++_I Forgive You_++"

I like it.

"Painters put paint their are in canvas, but musicians paint their art of silence."
-Unknown (I forget who this quote is from)
I'm not a fan of rap/hip hop, but I like this. It makes me sad and reminds me of my earlier life (yr 5-10), my parents divorced and my dad wasn't the most respectable person. But after yr 10 he changed his ways and is back with my mother. Marriage is a holy bonding and should never be broken, but so many people today are corrupt with drugs, and alcohol to realize they are hurting the people close to them. Whenever I find a good piece such as this one I try to give a good explanation of my comment so here it is: This was a good piece with a deeper meaning than many people think, and when the people realize what that meaning is their eyes are opened to more culture, understanding, awareness, and overall self conciseness. You are one of the people who paint on silence.

MYDBoi responds:

Wow, that was a little tricky making out, the quote.. But I got it =). And SO true, very interesting quote.

Not many people are a big fan of rap nowadays. It's been tainted with. It's reputation is due to mainstream. Violence, drugs, sex, gangs.. That's not what it is though. Rap is art too.. its music. People just forgot thats all. One person can make a difference. Step up and make that difference.

I'm truly sorry to hear about that. I can't imagine the pain and sorrow you went through. You are the type of people that give me hope. The reason I do what I do. The reason I try to help, the reason I reach out. Be strong, let your past shape you into the hero of tomorrow. So when you see someone down, that is going through the similar thing you did, be the hero you were looking for when you were down. Help them. Shape the future.
I'm glad you liked it. I'm glad you saw my message, and understood the meaning. Not many people take the time to listen to it. Quick to judge.
Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

Truly touching

I thought this was Eminem at first, I almost skipped it being fed up with him, but I stayed and loved it, good job man and hope you see him again.

MYDBoi responds:

Eminem, lol?? Well thank you for giving me a chance =). I appreciate your kind words and support. I'm hoping to see him again too. Thank you very much.


Touching story. Really sorry to hear about your nephew.. must hurt a shit load. a good way to get rid of emotions is by writing music. I can tell you put alot of emotion as well as talent into this. Good luck with your nephew..


MYDBoi responds:

Thank you. I'm hoping I meet him again one day. It does hurt pretty bad. And yes, I couldn't agree more with you, writing music helps me. Thank you for your time and kind words. =)


Its good yeah but it sounds tooooo Eminemy with the whole real life thing, but I mean it's still pretty good :D

MYDBoi responds:

lol thanks. Music is life though man, real art has a story. The youth nowadays only know Eminem, i admit, he's the only true rapper in mainstream now. But he wasn't the first to do what he does. There's many before him. But it's still good to see it out there. My goal is to reach out people.. to relate to them. To let people know, they're not alone. Also to show people, the real original meaning of music and rap. not money, gangs, drugs, girls etc.. life.. story.. thanks for the review =)


Please give a kiss to your nephew for me, he got all the respect of my classmates, unfrtunally i'm the only one signed in NG so im the onlyone who can vote. ITALY loves you!

MYDBoi responds:

Thank you FattJ =)
Unfortunately I can't give my nephew that kiss.. He's so far away from me. I wish he were here today.
I'm truly flattered to hear that from you and your classmates, that means so much to me =D
I love Italy back =)
thank you for the review and kind words
-OxyJin "The Mewzik You Breathe"