Reviews for "++_I Forgive You_++"



MYDBoi responds:

LOL, I'm truly flattered! =D
Thank you very much Hasan =) I appreciate it.



Really good man, seriously speaks to me y'know? this is really brilliant writing man, serious props, people can seriously relate to this, keep writing bro. respect.

MYDBoi responds:

Thank you =)
I'm glad it speaks to you. My intention is to reach out to people. And I'm glad it has. =) Thank you very much


fucking respect

i myself rap, and holy shit these are sick ryhmes. you got a great voice and the lyrics are fucking sick. keep your head up my brother. pce

MYDBoi responds:

thanks Sarnecki.
I honestly kinda hate my voice but, i appreciate it and am truly flattered for the comment =) thanks!


This song is amazing. I love music like this, thats about life and real shit that goes down. I love music, it keeps me going and having music like this that is real and legit just makes me love music more. I also thought it was funny how at the bottom of the authors comments u basically told your sister to stop being a whore. I dont know, it just made me laugh a little i guess. Idk how much you rap because ive only listened to maybe 5 tracks but I would love to hear more of your raps, you have a great voice and awesome delivery. Keep making music

MMFWCL from me, even though your not a juggalo (as far as i know)

MYDBoi responds:

Thanks dewd =)
I really appreciate your kind words man. This is the mewzik i grew up listening to. mewzik like this. And I've always loved it. but mainstream is killing it. People are losing sight of real mewzik. mewzik is all about emotion and life man. relation to us, not mainstream though.
Lol, yes.. I guess it is kind of funny now that i think about it lol. I haven't been rapping that long. 4-5 years. I didn't really step up til mid 2010. Thank you dewd =D I try my best. Though this is just a rough draft. The final will be so much better.



i'm not a fan of rap

but this song is really.. wow..

it's just a little click-- and i never expected something as -- as great-- as explosive- as this would ever be on newgrounds.

but wow..

this blew my mind-- and it reached a part of me that i've shunned away.
it made me cry because -- here in this piece-- i never knew what it was like to have "my 2 older brothers had my back" -- when i got hit- dissed- and all that shit-- i took it all on my own.
my dad left my mom and my house was never a home
my brother hated me for part of his life- but it's not i like i didn't know
how he ever felt or how he feels towards us
my mom isn't exactly the best cos
she wasted a part of her life trying to be some one else
and now she's trying to catch up on the things she missed out on
and she acts like some kind of teen.
she tells me off and says i llook for some one else to blame- but she doesn't know how it goes in my mind.

and it's hard.. right?

trying to get them to see what they're doing, hoping they'd turn the other cheek
but instead they see it as an insult..
and the they take it against us.

i've always seen what i do-- but she never bothered to see what i'm going through...

this song--- your rap-- for me-- is really appreciated.

because this isn't something that's just for show-- like how most people write nowadays..

this is too good for that..

good stuff--- faved for sure-- downloaded.

keep it up <3

MYDBoi responds:

Wow, what a review. Thank you VERY much. I'm glad you liked it. I'm truly sorry to hear all of that. You seem to be going through so much. Kudos to you for being tough. I can't say I know the feeling 100%. But I have an idea of what it's like. My sister blames her kids for ruining her life and holding her back. It's wrong.
Sometimes people will never see something, until its gone. Actually, some people will NEVER see it. Some people can mess up over and over and lose things constantly and screw others over so much,
and will never see it or feel.
I'm glad you appreciate it. I make mewzik to relate to people, to tell people they aren't alone. Life is The Mewzik You Breathe. Music is art, its life. Art is filled with emotion and stories like music.

You've gone through a lot, let this shape you. Be different. Reach out to others who experience the same. You are not alone.
"Let the world inspire you. In return, inspire the world" -OxyJin The Mewzik You Breathe