Reviews for "Spyware: A World Torn"


this is an awesome flash movie and for all people who watch this wait till after the credits there is an extra scene


this has to get submision of the day 5 from me this is great :)

There was nothing I didn't like

It was just a overall great flash movie. Great storyline too. Good voice acting just great


As a (unemployed) Computer Technician, I can say that a situation like this - while not likely in the very near future - would be terrifying! It would, by the time it's fully possible, truly cripple the planet. Basically, Terminator-style (T3 showing the best example). Even if the AI's don't intentionally start wars, they could happen anyway, out of panic. Or, accidental launches of nuclear weapons, accidental meltdowns at nuclear power plants, due to local (as in, at the silo or at the Plant) infection. Even without catastrophies like that, you still have things like the collapse of commerce, stock trading, loss of bank records, things like that. The end result would be global chaos, revolutions, depressions, and really, a new "Dark Age." A VERY scary thought, indeed!

totaly crazy dude...

i LOVE one-eyed things!