Reviews for "Spyware: A World Torn"


this is an awesome flash movie and for all people who watch this wait till after the credits there is an extra scene


this has to get submision of the day 5 from me this is great :)


i think it's awsome

Chag responds:

I think I owe you my thanks =)


An absolutely brilliant idea for a flash. It worked so well!
The atmosphere was extremely tense throughout... my heart was literally racing!
The voice used for the intro was a little unsuiting, but otherwise, an awesome piece of work! The art was fantasic; great use of colours and well deveIoped style to people and buildings... especially Spyware! He looks mean!
I also loved the idea that spyware will take over the internet and crash the world's economy by possibily blocking connections and restricting what humans can do with the internet (correct me if I'm wrong lol). If all of your work is gonna be like this, it will sure be worth the wait. =P
Definite: 5/5

Chag responds:

Thanks dude! =D

After having so many restrictions on the movie I'm glad the story still managed to get through so well to you.
And will all my work be like this you ask? Pfft, no way. I've learn't my lesson never to make a movie for class, waaay to many things holding me back, so in future expect longer movies with more well thought and planned out stories and alot more action.

Thanks for the review

awsome thing

congratz to u,sir