Reviews for "Spyware: A World Torn"

Nicely done

I like how you took a current issue and turned it into an epic battle. The fact that you made Spyware into an actual character was brilliant.

Some things I thought could have been worked on were simple things like how in the beginning it was really tough to hear the voices, but I appreciate that you made up for it with subtitles. Some animators don't realize their voice work is too low... Thank you.

By the way... At the beginning it looked like you had a character that loosely resembled Samus. Was that supposed to look like her?

Overall, it was a great flash. Matter of fact, it was a flash well worth watching. Thank you.

Chag responds:

Thanks for the review!

The character your referring too is supposed to be a regular virus, a more humanoid looking Spyware, perhaps the link you made to it with Samus was subliminal due to the Prime music during the Control room scene and preloader =P

loved the SAW music

nice animation, overall great flash..


i think it's awsome

Chag responds:

I think I owe you my thanks =)

Wow dude.

I went into this expecting a crappy sprite movie, but you really stuck it out. The audio levels varied and the subtitles were shaky whenever you zoomed in it, and that's why I'm only giving it an 8, but man, avesome voice acting, good plot, and great animation.

Chag responds:

Do you know how difficult it is to make the subtitles move with a camera? Eugh, stupid deadlines stop me from perfecting it, next time I plan to have the voices clear enough for subtitles not to be necessary.

Wow, that was awesome!

Okay, on the plus side, art and story were pretty cool, animation was pretty good too. Loved the "virtual" scenes where they're traveling through the internet and battling.

GREAT ending: "We are spyware!!" (cool echoing effect on that..)

Some small negs... I wish the final battle scene had been a bit longer and more involved, having them fight on the Windows Desktop was cool, but I kinda wanted to see them bounce around to even MORE websites, and do battle in the midst of various cyber locations. Maybe even have them "pick up" stuff from different website and fight that or some such..

On another note: n/o but the main character's voice (believe that was you) seemed a bit flat at times, we didn't seem to worried about being menaced by this giant spyware monster (granted, maybe being VR makes you naturally mellow...)

Anyway, great job, look forward to seeing what else you'll do in the future!

Chag responds:

Thanks dude! =D

Yeah, my voice was pretty crummy, I'm going to need a better microphone in future, plus if it wasn't for school projects having deadlines your other suggestions most certainly would have been included, it was merely a time factor that stopped me from doing so =\