Reviews for "Spyware: A World Torn"

Wow What a hit

You know what that was really good actually it presented me a movie like idea
This could be a movie you know that it actually could pretty famous.

Chag responds:

That's the plan for the second one! :P

Veery well done

Nice Work! You set a serious theme, but it does pose some questions

totaly crazy dude...

i LOVE one-eyed things!


I wonder where the hell are all the linux gurus are during all this? xD Probably havnt even noticed the collapse of society.

And I wonder how well spyware would deal with the Great Disconnect of the ethernet xD

Not to mention that a cyber war wouldnt even be fought on a desktop, Spyware would have easily altered the ACL to make him incapable of being captured by the USB stick.

And why the hell would such a data intensive thing like digitizing be preformed on a windows?? It doesnt have any where near the computational strength!

Take my review with a grain of salt though cause clearly the technical inaccuracy is killing it for me, even for a futuristic setting.

Chag responds:

All will be revealed in Spyware2!

I'm figuring the Viruses get around things like Linux and OS-X once they've became a fully functioning race rather than just mindless programs

The USB issue was meant to be more story explaining how that happened, but deadlines stopped me from fully fleshing it out

And finally, the digitising machine (now called The Hyperlink) doesn't actually run on XP... What we see is some other random computer that had been taken over by the Viruses long ago, Spyware just stashed the program there for safe keeping. Meanwhile Clive tracked it down and hacked into the thing, allowing himself and Dominique to observe the confrontation between Spyware and Dren as it took place...

Thanks for reviewing! It's been a long time since anyone saw this... I'm almost embarrassed to show it to people now >_>

hm +/-

I havent find it, very interesting, because of excess of text..