Reviews for "Half-Life 2 Quiz"

10/10 Because It's HL2

Spelling is awful but the HL2 quiz questions covered the whole game.

Blood-Fury responds:

Well my English isn't Super B really but i try my best. ^.^' (I haven't had any English lessons on my schools yet) (and if you didn't know yet i live in Belgium so.. yeh.) But hey if you mind.. could you send me a pm with all the spelling mistakes?

Hey retards...

Towlie and latinclock,"Half Life two", and "Half Life two: episode one" are two different games. Oh, Btw nice game. But isn't it father gregori, not grigori?

it was funny

good quiz but as the others sayed there still mis something


You know im more then that
I will pwn you all in half life 1!

Combine are not aliens

They r expeirements that used to be human but are then turned into a Combine Soldier,Guard,etc. for breen but still this was cool