Reviews for "Half-Life 2 Quiz"

A decent quiz

I thought there were some good questions that made me think back to different parts in the game. It was a little short, and it would have been nice to have a timer.

Some typos I noticed were:

Chapter 1 questions 8 and 9 'Which' instead of 'Wich'
Chapter 3 question 5 has two Vance answers, don't know if that's intentional?
Chapter 3 question 6 answer B should be 'off' instead of 'of'

Blood-Fury responds:

Yay! Another person that's being a big help :P Thanks Jahudoman. Fixing typos right now. Thanks for playing and thanks for the review!

pretty good

a little bit harder than I thought... and btw all combine are (or were) mechanized versions of alien races. thats what they are doing with the overwatch and striders, but its a slow process, they do it part by part.

Best quiz award

best quiz iwe ever played but can be better

Good and fun

It's a fun little quiz just for testing your HL2 knowledge.


i havent played the thing in a while. i have no earthly idea who helped me escape. some guy lol. this game didn't reinvent the wheel but if roic13 said it was too easy i believe him. maybe like a superhard bonus question from half life one? like idk what was the boss called at the end-ninhilanth. idk. maybe an extras secion? everyone likes extras!