Reviews for "Half-Life 2 Quiz"

I Love This

Great Quiz And i am very good at all the half life game just saying because thats how i beat the quiz


nice quiz, i winz! i beat hl2 in one week WITH school, i r awesum lol

awesome quiz

This is an AWESOME TEST.I pratically got all the questions right(becuase i have half-life 2).This is a very awesome quiz and it tests you knowledge of everything half-life,nice quiz dude keep it up.

Once again,people.If you want yo see my steam username and all the games i currently own,then go to my userpage k people :D

Super Cool!

I bet you everyone who commented here has played both half life 1 and 2 and the available episodes that were released. Super awesome quiz duuuuuuuude!


You know im more then that
I will pwn you all in half life 1!