Reviews for "Half-Life 2 Quiz"


i loved it, boring though, but very smooth.

But what is with the file size probs? its only 511kb

Blood-Fury responds:

Yeh but the scary tthing is that with the original songs back in it it's about 17,3 MB O_O.
Thanks for the review!

Good, but...

... If I were you, I would put more sounds in the flash, or a background music.
The graphics were really good! Keep it up!

Blood-Fury responds:

Thanks i think ill quickly grab some loops from flashkit now before more people start bitching about the sound :S (no offence or anything) Anyways yeh the file size became to big with music in it sorry.
But thanks for the review anyways!

Bad work

Dude, the combine isn't alien, they're cyborgs.
Retard, learn about the game properly before you make a quiz.

Blam anyway, like I always do.

Blood-Fury responds:

Heres paste from Wiki ASSFACE:
The Combine is a vast empire spanning multiple parallel universes. The empire is inhabited by an unknown number of sapient species, and appears to be governed by a race of bizarre, artificially evolved Advisors. The Combine expands its empire by invading worlds and enslaving the dominant species to be exploited as it sees fit. By manipulating these inhabitants through methods including bioengineering and implantation, the Combine creates a race of super-soldiers uniquely adapted for the environment of that particular world. This process results in a highly mobile and adaptive military force which is able to respond to any threat and crush any opposition. The reasons behind the Combine's imperialism remain unknown throughout the game.
So you see ASSHOLE the combine aren't fucking cyborg's you FAIL big time.

I like it.

Well the only thing is that the combines aren't aliens. They're humans in suits. If they were aliens I'm pretty sure that a human could not fit in them like the guy that helps you in the begining of the game did. But other than that I liked it!

Blood-Fury responds:

Actaully they are aliens becaus they come from another planet pretty much, and they just take over planet after planet. (and the guy that helps you in the beginning is Barney in disguise as a metro cop)
And well yes they are humans in suits becaus the combine just take people and brain wash them. (i think it's pretty much something like that)

A Bit Tricky

Perhaps making some Helplines

Like 50/50 or something like that to help the person that doesn't know anything about it.

Also perhaps having a 3 strike your out thing for wrong answerwould be nice. Starting from scratch each time will annoy people and make them more likely to hit X than play.

Blood-Fury responds:

Why should i make helplines when you got this! :
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Half-Lif e_2

And well i try'd the 3 strike thing but i was guesing it would make it to easy. And i don't wan't it to be easy. :)