Reviews for "Half-Life 2 Quiz"

Combine are not aliens

They r expeirements that used to be human but are then turned into a Combine Soldier,Guard,etc. for breen but still this was cool


the planet is called xen not zen ok but its a great game


Great game. Music was annoying.

P.S.The race of alien that invaded has several different names. (Vortigaunt, Headcrab, ETC.) However, they all were from Zen (The Planet they came from, not their race), and at the time served the Combine.

Sorry being a know-it-all, but im a major fan of Half-Life, and I enjoy correcting people. :D


awsome quiz game

Code #1: gordonthefreeman
Code#2: smexyalyx



This is epic and I can test my skills BUT:
1. Mr. Tentacles (If that is the green clawed monster) will return in a remake of Half Life 1.
2. Gordon is a scientist, a Theoretical Physicist