Reviews for "Half-Life 2 Quiz"

pretty good

a little bit harder than I thought... and btw all combine are (or were) mechanized versions of alien races. thats what they are doing with the overwatch and striders, but its a slow process, they do it part by part.

Not exactly how it happened

idk if im exactly right cuz i havent played the game in a long time the combine attacked the humans which caused the 7 hours war breen ended it and the benefactors awarded breen with power


pretty cool and the combine advisors, striders gunships, dropships and hunters are aliens the elites, stalkers, soldiers and metro cops are morphed humans


Combine are a alien race Breen opend a portal from the galaxy to ours thus making combine on earth!

great quiz but...

some questions are wrong...like the combine are not an alien race....