Reviews for "Half-Life 2 Quiz"

Half-Life Rules!

A pretty good quiz, but the Combine aren't an alien race. Other than that the quiz looks nice, although maybe Hlaf-Life music would have been cool. Good job!


Heh, seems like I didn't know as much about Half Life as I thought I did. Either way through, great quiz. Good questions, good graphics, good everything. keep it going!


Best quiz award

best quiz iwe ever played but can be better

nice game

this is reffering to Tornado212 .
the question was where was the FIRST vort you see,
and it is when you get off the train, you see him being supervised by a combine and is brooming a small area clean.

Very nice game, loved the questions and i also learned some stuff, good job!


It was a great quiz, although for one of the questions, I'm not sure which, but it asks whereyou first see a Vortigaunt, you actually DO see one whilst roaming around City 17. You see one with the type of shackles you see on them in HL1.