Reviews for "Half-Life 2 Quiz"

I hate to say it but it was fun...

I ussually hate quiz games but it was about half-life so obviously I had to play it. You should add more questions or make a half-life 2: episodes quiz that you can update when episode 3 comes out. Maybe you could make a half-life 1 quiz. That has potential to be REALLY hard if you think about it.

Also I didn't like the whole chapter PW thing. Its good if you restarted the game and you put it in but don't make it required to move on. Also smexyalyx? ...Hmm someone has a hole in their pocket :P

Easy but nice!

This quiz isn´t difflicult if you have played Half Life and Half Life 2 each of them ouver 30 times because it´s fact that this is the best game ever!

It´s getting 9/10
+9 Because: Nice Idea, not boring, half life ;)
-1 Because: A bit short, could be a bit difflicultier



NIce game best quiz game ever!!!


its a great quiz could of been more questions though.

I love it!

I love this quiz, I knew most of the answers, but I dodn't know any of the date questions. I can't even say how much I love Half-life 2, I would have to say its the best game ever.