Reviews for "Half-Life 2 Quiz"

Hey retards...

Towlie and latinclock,"Half Life two", and "Half Life two: episode one" are two different games. Oh, Btw nice game. But isn't it father gregori, not grigori?

Hey Shithead

The first question was when Half Life 2 came out. The seocnd question was when did Episode 1 come out.


the aliens arent combine the soldiers are combine o well tho ....

:D :D

i finished it cuz i keep playing it i play it 5 times a day if i can :D i kno last answer on lvl 3 its U shoot orbs at it! anyways great game :)

Great quiz

Great quiz a must play for any fan of Half-life 2.
The only reason I took off a star is because it is named Half-life 2 quiz but there are two questions about thefirst half life.
But it doesn't matter it is still a great game, make another please.