Reviews for "Half-Life 2 Quiz"

To NatNar

Get your sources together dude...
The combine are an alien reace that even the Xen fear. The master race is the advisors (probably). The Civil Protection are modified humans and all combines from thereon are both modified humans and modified alien races (whose worl has also been conquered). The Striders are (possibly modified) alien animals.
The Xen have been hiding from the Combine for a long time, but then the Resonance Cascade came, Freeman caused havoc, and soon the Combine have been attracted by the cascade. The remaining Xen had been devastated and the few surviving Vortigaunts came to earth and now co-operate with the humans.
So um yeah the Quiz was great BTW!

Blood-Fury responds:

And there you have it folks, the best explanation ever, thanks for the help there Tekken9292!


Pretty good dude! Exept for the music. A bit annoying.

got 2 things

first is that how is combine an alien race?they were just modified alieny and got very strong and accurate by xen so its mostly xen (THIRD QUESTION) then on the green claw monster one u rly need a pic for that one cuz i was rly messed up at that one cuz i thought u meant vortigaunt so i had to resart

Fun but one problem

Fun except I wish the quiz would still let you continue even if you got it wrong. Then you would see your Half life 2 quiz score.

Lol i play hl2 at least 9 hours a day

well actually g-mod 10 and hl2, so this was very easy, and i beat all episodes so i had that question down, in short, this is great for hl2 fans, nice job! 5/5 10/10