Reviews for "Half-Life 2 Quiz"

avesome quiz

i completed this game and i compelted all chapters very easy


That Was pretty Fun I Liked It. 10/10.

Good and fun

It's a fun little quiz just for testing your HL2 knowledge.

More Questions

I got some questions:
1. What is the first enemy you see in Half-Life 2?
A. Metro Cop B. Dr. Breen C. Scanner Type One D. Scanner Type Two

2. What is the newest enemy in Half-Life 2 Episode Two?
A. Combine Zombie (Zombine) B. Combine Advisor C. Hunter D. Antlion Guard

3. Which important charater die?
A. Gordon Freeman B. Alyx Vance C. Barney Calhoun D. Eli Vance

4. Which is the newest Zombie?
A. Combine Zombie (Zombine B. Fast Zombie Torso C. Poison Zombie D. Stalker

I will think of more later. And great job!

that was fucking cooooOO00oooll!!!!

nice i had a confession i aint finished HL2 both episode but i only played up to we dont go to ravenholm but i watched many videos on youtube about hl2 soo im so familiar with it