Reviews for "Half-Life 2 Quiz"


gordonthefreeman 2 chapter
smexyalyx 3 part
im really hardcore fan!


Its pretty cool, but you got some of the answers wrong on question 2 on Chapter 3, its not Bug bait its a Phero Pod. None the less, good game.

somethings weird

i still have half life 2,half life 2 episode 1.half life 2 episode 2 but i couldent even get past chapter 2 on the Quiz and i beat both those 3 games


i havent played the thing in a while. i have no earthly idea who helped me escape. some guy lol. this game didn't reinvent the wheel but if roic13 said it was too easy i believe him. maybe like a superhard bonus question from half life one? like idk what was the boss called at the end-ninhilanth. idk. maybe an extras secion? everyone likes extras!

nice job!

very nice!its to easy for the addicted people though.
oh and to nemesis282 poison zombies DO exist theyre the black ones TOXIC zombies do NOT exist.