Reviews for "Ninja'd - a ninja's tale"


that was some rlly good flash, especially for the first animation! 5/5

Deaththe14th responds:

thanks... I dunno if it's 5/5 material... lol >.>

Excellent for a first!

Nice work. The animation was really fluid, and the shots of him running around the city were nice. You have a lot of potential, keep working!! Good job.
(Although I'm rather amazed at the fact he was able to hide the emerald under his pecs. Must be one of those secret ninja skills.)

Deaththe14th responds:

Thanks, I'll try to like... edit the whole thing again for newgrounds so it's re-choreographed...
And yes, that was artistic licensing there... mmm...

Not that there's really much of a tale in this, but it was an interesting watch. There's plenty of jumping and running around, and a city which I didn't realize was actually a city until he jumped into it (might want to add some windows or something). The surroundings aren't always very detailed but there's plenty of detail in the main character. The one point where he enters his apartment, especially, the movements seem unnaturally natural. Good work!



a little bit short, but that was a pretty cool... especially for a first animation. i think the story could've been longer or stretched a little bit more, but the graphics were nice, good characters, nice audio, decent entertainment and your efforts were nice. since this one is just your first, i look forward to seeing more from you in the future, you have good potential.

not bad