Reviews for "Ninja'd - a ninja's tale"

not bad

That was really not bad for a first flash. I liked the scene when the ninja thought about what he would do with the emerald.

Deaththe14th responds:

haha... yes, I've seen a lot of first flashes...
let's just say there were a lot of shape-tweens from others in the class o.O


I understand it's your first submission, and as far as that goes, it was really good...but I have to be honest with you....It was very boring...The animation was very slow, which bored me...and that music was cool at the begining, but got very annoying as well...you've got some real talent though, I will give you that...Make the action a little more fast paced, and increase the overall action, because not much of anything happened...

P.S. (I've never seen a ninja with his toes sticking out lol)

Deaththe14th responds:

thanks, the music was last minute adding as well as a lot of things... :(
I keep making excuses... I could have tried harder etc. but it was a small thing for TAFE.

The 2nd one will be better, I pwomise... with more action, proper framerate (which I STILL think is the problem) and leading to a better storyline than "ninja wants money or something -> steal valueable gem -> gets caught -> jail"

well my freind

as i say quite a lot u got potential but... your runnings off though it does look like youre begging to understand physics my biggest problem with this is all the weird sprites or whatever pretty much everything thats not a ninja so just put some more effort in the next one and its a winner tell me whene it comes out

Deaththe14th responds:

thanks, and yeah, the next one will have a lot more frame-by-frame in it...
and I'll make sure to like, make it at 24 frames per second this time.
I think that's what newgrounds portal has done *shrugs*

I made this at the end of last year, too... just haven't had time to do flash stuff, grade 12 is hard and I'm doing all math subjects. eep.

The 2nd one should be good... and no restrictions on anything, although I think I will at least try to have the theme of "no violence", just for the slight originality there... and for the g/pg rating.