Reviews for "Crazyfox's Lair"

Perhaps it's my clock bias...

But I honestly expected this to be a little more entertaining... I thought the concept was very very cleve, but I think you killed it by making it a clock flash.

Other than that... Again concept was great and the animation itself was pretty good.

KKyuubi responds:

it's a clock flash cause it's a clock meme

Tree CLock Started This?

Link to the thread plz. and it was good, especially the continuous questions about him being a furry. lol

KKyuubi responds:

hehehe, just shows my rage :)

The elegenat rants of a suspicious customer.

I hated that commercial, but i loved this flash. Great job!

An idea for the next one: those "free virus scans"

10/10 + 5/5 = 15/15 which is good :D

KKyuubi responds:


Short & Sweet...

lol I love the Burger King refrence. Sweet man. I might just watch it a few more times just to keep up with what else that loony said lol. Keep em' comin' man! ^_^

KKyuubi responds:

I always do


it didnt load for me, but it looked good enough i gave it a 5 anyway,

KKyuubi responds:

that's odd, do you have Flash 8?