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Reviews for "Clear Skies {durn}"

sweet sounds

that was really good man. love the addition of the vocals too. put me in a good mood just listening to it. Nice mix and transitions, and lol, dont know why, but I just liked hearing someone singing "when the skys are clear, there' nothing wrong" over and over again. :) A good song to start your day with. :) Keep up with the singing element in the songs, i liked it.

durn responds:

Thanks testdrive. :) Makes me happy to hear that the vocals are having a positive effect. :D


The beats where groovy,the vocals synced perfectly,and to top it all off it loops perfectly.Nice job man.

durn responds:

:) Thanks for the love, Klagen!


For your first time it came along incredibly well!
You should get someone to write the lyrics, cuz yeah... they ARE cheesy, but they sound great!

durn responds:

;) I gotta keep practicing with the lyric writing or else I'll never become proficient at it. I'll dream up something better for the next tune I do with singing! :D Thanks for the review, Soldorado!


That was crazy, its a good beat.

durn responds:

Well thank you kindly, sir!


Awesome music as always my man! It makes me want to drop my Dubstep/techno style and pick up on making a house song. And i really think i will. Never as good as this, but something to listen to xD

durn responds:

Why drop styles when you can merge em? :D Thanks for the love, hades. :)