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Reviews for "Clear Skies {durn}"

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Hmm it been half an hour since i started the track, that cant be right?
its was on loop!! i didnt notice that at all! it a real comfort to my eardrum xD
Another good track from you and nice touch with the vocal but its definitely need some improvement.

overall good job now let boogies ! [did i say that right boogie?]

durn responds:

haha, boogie down, Spoil! :) I shall definitely work on my vocals, thanks for the support!


What a leap to vocals, and for them to be your own it couldn't be any more original! The lyrics are fine, I have heard songs with less!

durn responds:

:) Thanks Jade. heheh, yeah, I was thinking that a bit about the lyrics as well but it'll take a little more notoriety before I can become completely senseless. :d

Excellent good sir!

I enjoyed this alot. It has a steady funk beat to it. The sound gets to me but it could use a little variety when it comes to the words. Maybe a different verse added on. But otherwise this was really good.

durn responds:

Yeah, it was my first time writing lyrics so they were exceptionally cheesy, I'll admit it. :D Thanks for the love, regardless of the imperfections, potatoman!


anyway! Great song I can listen to this over and over and over again! ...EVEN THE WORDS ARE IMPLANTED INTO YOUR BRAIN. even if you think they are cheesy. (which they aren't) keep up the great work buddi. maybe we can do a mix together =D (eventho my song are on a totally diff website TT_TT)


durn responds:

lol kitsunea, well I guess it's better words implanted into your brain than worms, eh? :d Thanks for the support and the repeated and the repeated and the repeated listens. ;) Send me a PM with a link to where you host your music so I can have a listen. :)

Me Gusta

Sounds very 80s. That's a good thing.

durn responds:

Thanks Burkman. :) I'm a child of the 80s, can't escape it! :D