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Reviews for "Clear Skies {durn}"


good to have ya back again. i was wondering when a new song would jump to my inbox there.

once again you fail to disapoint. very cool beat and a nice ambient touch to it too. this goes in for a clear fave :D

durn responds:

haha, Thanks Sirk. :) Happy to be back! Clearly you've got good taste, sir... ;)

Nice new song, vocals add a good touch!

Well, I loved this. XD in all seriousness though, the vocals added a very good sound to the mix. of course the lyrics need work, but hey, gotta start somewhere, right? I loved the mix of chill and funkiness going on in this song here too. had me bobbing along whole time. also, I bet if you practice with singing, it'll improve your music by quite a bit. your music is already pretty darned awesome as it is, but that isn't to say that it cant get even better! Keep it up, Durn!

durn responds:

Aye, definitely gonna start using vocals more often, really thickened up my track quite a bit. And yeah, the more I sing the more courage I'll get so the quality will only go up. :D Thanks fungi!

Incredible Production Work

Man, you got really creative with these sounds. Very unique and fun to listen to. I love the song, but the vocal work could use a lot of improving. They sound a little washed out. I'm sure you'll improve that over time. It might just be the vocoder you used.

As always, great work. This is very Durn, which makes me happy.

durn responds:

Aye, they sound a little washed out cause I'm still new to singing. Gotta work up the courage to really belt it out. :) Vocoder worked like a charm, it's not the problem, my voice is. :D But, like any skill, it will only get better with practice.

Thanks for the great review! :)

Good first attempt

Though the lyrics need a little work ;) I think this is a pretty good attempt at bringing some vocals to your work. Style kind of reminds me at certain times of a Chicane tune, but can't put my finger on it. Good work!

durn responds:

Aye, I can definitely feel the Chicane comparison. Makes me happy to read it too. ;) But damn, a 7 man? :P Fuckin' hell, this ain't no B-rated song! but yeah, I'll have to start singing with more gusto in the future. :D time to start building vocal confidence!