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Reviews for "Clear Skies {durn}"


What a leap to vocals, and for them to be your own it couldn't be any more original! The lyrics are fine, I have heard songs with less!

durn responds:

:) Thanks Jade. heheh, yeah, I was thinking that a bit about the lyrics as well but it'll take a little more notoriety before I can become completely senseless. :d

nice durn!

I like it alot but the vocals could be a lttle louder due

5/5 10/10

durn responds:

aye, some people at work were saying the same. I raised the second 8 bars a little higher than the first but a raise in octave and volume for both 8bars could've also been interesting. Thanks for the support, max. :)

so sweet man

dam after all this time u still fucking got it
props man

durn responds:

haha, well I've only really been producing decent stuff for a year and a half so I certainly hope I've still got it! ;) lol. and it can only get better eh! w00t! thanks for the props, HH. :D

Sorry for the wait...

School Work's been piling up and I'm already 6 feet under. Anyways, honestly, I'm extremely impressed with your vocal talent. You sure you're not a pro? You should do more vocal work. The music and vocals blend well together in my opinion. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go strut down my block (even though it's 20 degrees out) . 'When the skyies are clear, nothing's wrong', yeah?

durn responds:

haha, yeah, it's damn cold here too. *shakefist winter^ lol, I'm no pro singer, just a newb. :d Thanks for the high praise though, :) definitely helpin' boost my vocal confidence! :D

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Hmm it been half an hour since i started the track, that cant be right?
its was on loop!! i didnt notice that at all! it a real comfort to my eardrum xD
Another good track from you and nice touch with the vocal but its definitely need some improvement.

overall good job now let boogies ! [did i say that right boogie?]

durn responds:

haha, boogie down, Spoil! :) I shall definitely work on my vocals, thanks for the support!