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Reviews for "Clear Skies {durn}"

Havent done a video yet but

Its coming!

The one thing i like about you is that you keep connected with your fans. Every review has a comment and I think thats awesome! I want to use a few of your songs for some up coming videos but i havent found the right video yet.

durn responds:

:) For sure, Chadyo. Can use any of my tunes if ya like, just be sure to credit and link to the original song URL on here. :D Thanks for the review!


im just gonna say this as always you make illegaly good beats and the singing ads a nice touch and got a total eargasm by the bass well peac out!

durn responds:

lol, thanks skateboyz. :D better get some q-tips and clear out all that ear jizz!

A song for Summer.

This song is actually pretty durn awesome (lol forgive me). First things first I like the intro because its really open, there are many ways it can go it makes me want to hear the rest of the song. the beat's cool too; its just right. by that I mean its not overpowering, you can hear it if you want to and your not forced to later in the song. the Fx are petty cool as well, theyre really out there and they suit the rest of the song. the vocals are really intersting. Youve crossed the line between auto tune and went full machine, which for me is a little better. the little bits you throw in after the main segment are a nice touch as well because the mix well with the saw bass.

the main melody you have blends really well with the other Fx throughout the song and its mixed very well to boot, it comes and goes once it has been introduced. I also like the way you slowly bring it up as well. the saw bass is fits really well with the over all theme of the song, the Fx in the intro are actually quite intersting because they have this spark like effect which is interesting.

As for the name I gave the review the song really reminds me of the summer the beach specifically. what does this are the pads you have coming in and out of ear shot

All In All Fantastic Work.

durn responds:

You're durn well forgiven. ;) Thanks for taking the time to write such a thorough review, ZixaxiZ. I was playing around with a few new sample and rhythm packs when working on this tune, they definitely helped broaden the sonic spectrum. And aye, it's definitely a summer-suited song, I can't help but long for the warm summer months! Freakin' cold here right now! BRRRR!


I love everything about this...

except the vocals. I'm sorry, the song seems like it really didn't need it.

Good try though. :)

durn responds:

Oh Panda, you so Insane. Thanks for the encouragement. :D


another nice song durn :)
again another song for me to listen too ;)
the vocals added a nice touch maybe some people don't like the vocals but i sure do :D
good job and keep at it

durn responds:

thanks omega. :) I'll certainly keep at 'er!