Reviews for "Ultimate Stick Tutorial"

nice but...

I only have pivot, An 11 year old cant afford flash, Please make one for piv.


most of this is just copied from The Extreme Stick Tutorial, such as the explosions, (even the crappy one, i mean seriously, you can't make a crappy explosion by yourself?) and the examples of the blood, even your little stickfigure in the bottom right was just made while looking at his guide... ffs, there's no use of forwarding somebody elses work...


Very good tutorial Helps me :)


this is something I can use


You're not saying you're Jcamelo but you have some things to learn. Wow, I really like using flash for movies, but I wanted to use sticks so I used TISFAT, which is personally for sticks. This wants to make me try flash again because it gives more creative freedom. Thanks!