Reviews for "Ultimate Stick Tutorial"

Something's fishy....

I think that someone stole/borrowed your art they/you used it in a tutorial called the extreme stick tutorial, it's in the tutorials section on newgrounds. I'm not trying to get someone in trouble, it just that I don't want anyone to take credit for someone else's work.


WHY IS IT SO IMPOSSIBLE!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I cant even make a fu***** stickman that just stands still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hi, its a very cool tutorial but im still not understanding the FBF concept. is it possible if you can email me the original fla file. i will not modify and use it, i just want to understand the FBF concept.

BTW my email is jamalqureshi786@hotmail.com


I like the update. Very slick. Helpful like the last one.

@Jes212: Yeah, there are a few things like that. Obviously theres the Trial version or Gimpshop, but I don't really like Gimp. The best way to go in my opinion is to get OpenCanvas 1.0. Hope that helped.


is it possible to get photoshop for free (legaly) or something free as good as