Reviews for "Ultimate Stick Tutorial"

i love you man!

you can learn so much about animation from this thing!
best tutorial ever!!!

export-gold responds:

Thanks alot! glad you liked it!

People need this.

People seriously this sort of stuff to get their flash made and on NG, I'm surprised I don't see more tutorials as detailed as this! I found it very informative and very helpful, I am going to have make a stick flash now!


export-gold responds:

Great I can't wait to see it!

good stuff

overall a great tutorial. My only problem is that you have heaps of typos. other then that, it's awesome!


that was cool lol i dident know anything about how 2 do that stuff now i have some what of an idea lol thx

export-gold responds:

Thank you! (:


I did it lol!!! but i have one problem with the walking lol.

thanks for the tip!

export-gold responds:

Just try to keep going over it frame by frame. Thanks for the review!