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Reviews for "b7 - a Dig for Danger!"

incredible bravo!

Loved that. Awesomely animated some parts were pretty funny especially the end. Defenitely going front page.

great job

I like how it look good and it was great man.

nice job

I give things tens and zeros. Either it's good or bad. This was good. I laughed when the big eyes came out and the guy snapped the things neck. But what happened at the end when the lights were turned off with the stripper? That could be a lot of things..... :)

it was good

liked it

Enormous Improvement!

Yes! Finally a new episode of B7!!

Only this time, a lot much prettier.

About the background music, I still prefer the old mouth-made sounds. That's the trademark of your work.

Anyway, I still enjoy these as always. Keep up the good work : )

BTW, where is ep.6?