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Reviews for "b7 - a Dig for Danger!"

Not bad

I liked the flash, bit short but waws good otherwise!




This is ultra cool dudes
But just a little more blood woud be good

nice job

I give things tens and zeros. Either it's good or bad. This was good. I laughed when the big eyes came out and the guy snapped the things neck. But what happened at the end when the lights were turned off with the stripper? That could be a lot of things..... :)

its alright

I think that its pretty good voice acting and music selection.. im actually fine with the floating arms style and symplified animation.. i do wish that you used some small touches in the movie to show a little tlc. For instance when the character is drawing the plan on that whiteboard .. you could twean his head a little bit up and down to denote hes talking... it feels like hes an inanimate object, yet we have to accept that its him doing the talking.. felt a little lazy.

Anyway good luck on your future works.