Reviews for "CD- SAW 2"


nice work... funny as hell


great move, crappy blender.

I saw it spilling >:)

Vdub responds:

Ye it broke, Thanks for the review!

Hehe gj^^

I like sbc, but i dont mind seeing somebody make a little laugh outta it. plus i LOVE SAW!! It some of the most awsome movies ever made. again, gj.


thats just wrong man i mean sbc is cool oh and that fucking chain mail thing is a load of crap and if i ever see the guy ill cut off his fucking head and put in a blender

fucking great

i hate clock animation...clock day i blammed everything i could....i said fuck the free points. bad animation should burn....5/5 and for the chain letter thing i don't have a bed so im off the hook sucks for you