Reviews for "CD- SAW 2"


I loved this animation so much, your stop motion techniches are very good and the use of music was crazy to. bieng a huge fan of the saw movies I can really apreciate this. I think what i loved the most is how evan though you could have saves countless hours doing this in flash, you stop motioned it because you care. keep up the good work, and i hope to be seeing from you soon :)

Vdub responds:

Thanks alot, have yous een my other saw aniamtions? This ones probably the best though.

What the f...

Nice animation, but I didn't understand a damn thing anyone/thing said. Add some subtitles next time.

Vdub responds:

kk thanks for the tip, jus added subtitles, u probably havn't seen saw have you?


That was awesome. After this review, I'll be submitting it into my favourites. You got a 5 from me. It was just like Saw, an interesting idea, incredibly creative. While I did enjoy the ending, I think I would've liked it better if it stuck to the story and he managed to get out alive with a dramatic scene. Doesn't really matter though, it was still kickass.

Vdub responds:

Thanks, yeh i wanted to pay out clocks though. And i couldn't think of anything else.

haha, pretty funny

Great animation, its very fun to do, since i used to do it alot. Good job with the way he had to hit the button, very "saw like."


That was one of the best i have reviewed all day wonderful job. Keep up the awsome work!